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Try BoatPass™ for a Day


Experience BoatPass without commitment

We understand that joining a boat club the best boat club is a choice that may take careful consideration. That’s why we’re giving you the chance to take a test trip with us. And for a limited time, you can try it out at the same price as a member!

The best part? For your trial trip we’ll get you our cooler full of ice, water bottles for you and your guests; and access to our floating mat – all compliments of BoatPass™.

What’s included in your trial trip?

  • Enjoy a 4-Hour Boat Trip in your selected boat category

  • One-time payment and no commitment to join BoatPass

  • Gas, Capitan and Insurance Included in your trip

  • Cooler full of ice, water bottles & floating mat

Choose the type of boat for your trial trip:

Limited Time Offer:

Promotion Valid From Mon Dec 04 2023 to Thu Dec 07 2023


22-30 ft. boats
9 guests

$1,000   $699


30-40 ft. boats
10 guests

$1,200   $899


40-50 ft. boats
13 guests

 $1,600  $1,299

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You'll be able to book as soon as you pay, or later.

Welcome to Your BoatPass Trial Trip

We are just a few steps away from your first booking. 

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